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A multi-platform offering Software, Training, Smart Services and Visibility


YManage is a platform developed to meet the needs in the yachting sector. All of our services have been designed using our industry experience and our trusted partners.

It includes a suite of tools designed for yacht owners, crews and yachting companies to improve their performance and carry out various activities such as management, training, selection of specialized companies, innovative technologies.
YManage offers a variety of plans depending on your role and specific needs. Each plan can be customized at any time with Addons and can be managed independently from your portal.

Digital but human because YManage is also a team always available and ready to give support. But what can you do with YManage?



YManage World & Alma Platform

The latest platform from YManage, the reproduction of a 3D virtual world, where you can carry out activities related to yachting, remotely. Service offices, maritime school, port with boats, events pavilion and more. On this profile, we are creating the Alma Pllatform experience, which will be launched in October 2022. YManage World, tests what disruptive technologies will be useful for improving: Security training using virtual reality, distance learning, remote collaboration / smart working, remote assistance with smart glasses, softwares and smart devices.
Visit, under construction.


Owner, Crew, Company

Select the membership plan that's right for you and get started. From the customer portal you can organize contracts, activities, follow the progress of the work and interact with the team. Choose the additional service when and from where you, YManage will take care of the rest ..


YManage 360° & Virtual Office

One software for the yacht, one for your ground team. YManage 360 ​​and Virtual office are two powerful management tools that contain everything you need to be organized: Email communication and chat and various channels, document management, human resources, workgroups, accounting and private geolocation. Customize your platform by integrating it with additional and on-demand services


Maritime Training

YManage allows you to study when you want and from where you want. In collaboration with important maritime institutes and e-learning platforms, we offer more than 2500 courses for onboard and team ashore who want to make a difference. In addition, the innovative study platform allows you to interact with teachers, and the certificates are recognized by the most important organizations worldwide.

Business & Job Directory

Find trusted Partners & Crew

Are you looking for a professional company in a specific area or new destinations to discover? Start from YManage Directory, the platform that selects trusted companies in the Mediterranean and enhances their activities. We visit new places and share the most important information with you before visiting them. YManage Jobs is instead the portal for the meeting between job offer and demand. Are you looking for a job or do you want to place an ad? Discover YManage Jobs


Telemedicine & Remote Assistance

We are proud to have been the developers of these two important services. Telemedicine can save lives and remote assistance can save your holidays. A team of professionals behind the H24 screen to give you assistance whenever you want. Simple and safe, the offer includes various packages.


Buy, Sell,Charter

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or charter a yacht, our team are here to walk you through the process, providing all the information, advice and support you’ll need. Our highly skilled independent consultants are industry experts, having worked on countless projects in collaboration with our trusted brokerage company. We’ll be here with you, every step of the way.