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Yacht management Packages or On-Demand

The job of the yacht manager is relatively new, even if the role is not. Before the industry and size of yachts grew, owners managed their yachts themselves or hired a member of their crew. With the increase in the number of owners who have neither the time, nor the desire nor the ability to manage their own yachts, the demand for specialized yacht managers has arisen. For a long-term hiring or to assign specific tasks, choose our Yacht Management services. Consultancy for the purchase and sale, selection, hiring and payroll of the crew, management of refit projects and new construction is what we do. Yotman is a project to simplify business management.



Certificates, Insurances, Paperwork 

Alma advises and maintains records on compliance regulations, issues of the flag state, classification societies, vessel certificates and licenses. Company ownership structures can be recommended, including the assessment of insurance liabilities and coverage and administrate any claims on behalf of the yacht or the crew. An annual survey and report on the yacht's status are also prepared.

Having the correct insurance cover in place cannot be underestimated. Alma has valued relationships with the pre-eminent Brokers and Underwriters for Hull and Machinery, P&I, Pollution and Certificates of Financial Responsibility and Crew medical cover. We will, in conjunction with the Owners advisors and Captain conduct a policy review to ensure the correct cover is in place and the premiums are competitive. 

Crew Management

Recruit, Employ, Support

The crew required on a superyacht is dependent on its size, registration status, usage and level of service it offers its Owner and guests. The registration status is whether it is registered as a commercial or pleasure vessel. In today’s complex world of international financial regulation, implementation of the Maritime Labour Convention and an increasingly litigious society Crew management can become complicated, this is where Alma's Services can be helpful

Our services are not limited to but can include:

  • Recruitment
  • Full reference and insurance checks on all Crew
  • Issue of flag state-approved SEA’s (Seaman’s Employment, Agreement)
  • Crew records, including vacation/sick days and additional/deductions on salaries
  • Payroll & payslips
  • Handling Crew disputes
  • Supervision, Training & Discipline
  • Insurance options
  • Advice on tax & social security
Technical Management

Maintenance, Refit, New build

The machinery on-board any vessel is going to be the primary responsibility of the chief engineer. However, in order to
be able to support him or her when the time comes the technical manager needs to have an understanding of what
equipment there is on board. He may be required to provide support with the following activities:
• Planned maintenance and maintenance routines
• Spare parts advice and sourcing
• Pollution prevention plans
• Implementation of SEEMPS, NTVRPs, ballast management plans etc
• Refit planning and implementation
• Fuel and lubricating oil analysis support
• Technical audits onboard
• Classification society liaison

Operations & Logistic

Berthing, Routing, Concierge

Operational management requires the largest amount of logistical support. Marine Operations describes the assistance we will provide the Captain and Crew in their normal operations. The intent is to be a resource for the Captain enabling him to concentrate on the important onboard requirements necessary for smooth, safe and legal operations.

Our services are not limited to but can include:-

  • Central contacts list
  • Certification and Document control
  • Chart and Publication updates
  • Communications, language & translation assistance
  • Insurance review
  • Inventories review
  • Critical Equipment lists review
  • Marina Booking assistance
  • Bunkering
  • Tenders and Watercraft support
  • Port State & Customs Control awareness and training.
  • Concierge Service


Financial & Budget

Budget, Payment, Accounting

Financial control is crucial to correct operational Management of Yachts in order to preserve the asset and monitor expenditure. Our team of qualified Yacht accountants have an excellent eye for detail and are extremely knowledgeable on Yacht related expenses. Careful drafting of budgets and the comparison between expected and real expenses are our essential approaches.
The manager of a superyacht is required to safeguard the financial resources that have been invested in the running of a yacht. To do this, the manager must put in place a clear and concise financial policy that enables them to operate within a set of guidelines that have been communicated with all relevant parties, be it Captain, Owner or other.


SMS, Safety & Security

On-board safety management is a very broad discipline. When considering safety or emergency preparedness and response, the figure of a competent professional is essential to put in place all the necessary procedures. Safety and Security support for captain and owner include Audit, SMS, Mini ISM and Full ISM.